My Collection

All my Video Game Library will be listed here, this page will be CONSTANTLY updated. If you would like to donate me a game, please contact me.

Commodore VIC-20
Nintendo Famicom
Sega Master System
Sega Genesis
Nintendo 64
Nintendo GameCube

13 thoughts on “My Collection”

      1. Picked up a dreamcast with 2 remotes 2 memory cards all the cables for 6 bucks at goodwill on monday, but I don’t know if it works cause I don’t have any games yet. Looks like its brand new though.

  1. I see you don’t have an Atari 7800. Thinking about getting one? Cause I have an extra copy of Pole Position 2. It’s yours if you plan on getting the system to play it on.

  2. Ya know what. I don’t need 2 copies of a common game. Maybe if I send it to you it will steamroll you into getting a 7800. 🙂 How can I send you my extra Pole Position 2?

  3. Yo Eric, you want me to co-op with your website. I could use a few vistors on mine. I could spread the word about your site if you want in exchange for you doing the same for mine. I share the same interest of reviewing old games. Maybe I could work something out.
    Check it out:

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