Bit.Trip Complete (Wii) Review | 8-Bit Eric

Bit.Trip Complete for the Nintendo Wii, this is essentially a compliation of the six Bit Trip games all on one convienent disc.

Now I wasn’t able to download the series on Wii ware, so I found it handy that they decided to release Bit Trip Complete.

Bit.Trip is a series of simple yet addictive games and a nice through back to classic retro games such as pong and break out.

The shining star of this series is the music. If you are a fan of chiptune and retro 8bit style of music, then the bit trip series is for you, and what makes bit trip complete a steal is there is a music soundtrack CD that accompanies the game.

Additional features are online leader boards, challenge modes, tons of unlockable content and the addiction of difficulty modes that range from easy to a hard mode catered to more advanced players.

In Bit.Trip Beat, you slide a paddle up and down the left side of the screen by tilting the Wii Remote. The goal is to bounce the projectiles that come at you back to the other side, sort of like an intense Pong practice session. Things start off simply, but you soon encounter increasingly complex patterns and trajectories that stretch the limits of your tilting abilities.

In Bit.Trip Core, however, motion controls are left behind in favor of the precision of button pressing. Here you must eliminate similarly mischievous projectiles by shooting lasers in the four directions of the D-pad.

In Bit.Trip Void, you encounter the most freedom of movement you ever get in a Bit.Trip game. Your job is to steer a black sphere around the screen, grabbing the black bits that come your way but avoiding the white bits. The more bits you absorb, the bigger your sphere grows. The bigger your sphere, the better your score, but you frequently have to manually downgrade to your original size to avoid white bits.

Bit.Trip Runner puts you in control of the bipedal Commander Video for the first time. His enthusiasm for the platformer experience is such that he doesn’t stop running, and it’s up to you to jump, slide, kick, and block your way past obstacles, all while grabbing gold

Bit.Trip Fate continues the Commander’s exploits in an on-rails shooter in which you slide back and forth on the rail to avoid enemies and projectiles while pointing the Wii Remote to blast your foes and collect power-ups.

Bit.Trip Flux, harks back to Bit.Trip Beat, once again giving you paddle control and introducing a host of new patterns and obstacles.

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