Disney’s Aladdin (SNES) Review

This is my Disney’s Aladdin SNES Review. Aladdin for the super nintendo, published by capcom, I remember when i first picked up this game, I was expecting something similar to the sega genesis version, but i was totally wrong.

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At first impression i was actually disappointed… i mean, i didnt even know the game would be so different and i only knew about the genesis one. but after a while i actually grew to love this game even more.

It has the classic capcom gameplay that they put in alot of the classic platforming games,… wait what the hecks that doing in here…

In my opinion this is definitely one of the best super nintendo games ever.

You play as aladdin, the street wise, smart alecky theif in a set of levels that range from the streets of agrabah, to caves, inside the genies lamp and all the way back to the castle.

Along the way there are several items to collect, and places to explore. you collect diamonds, blue and red ones. the red ones also act as challenge goal items since they are alittle bit harder to reach, if you collect a certain number of them you can see a special ending. also if you collect the golden scarab you can play a bonus level where you can earn continues and extra lives.

The levels are chock full of enemies that are both from the movie and not from the movie. the first stage for example includes castle guards, and birds stuck inside pots. other levels include the sterotypical cave enemy, the bat as well as scorpions.

But no worries about the baddies in this game, you can jump on your enemies old school mario style, or use creative ways to dispose of them. also there is a supply of hundreds of apples in agrabah at your disposale to use for self-defense.

There is a password option for you to come back to your game later, should you have to stop playing, however, you should be able to get through this game in one full sitting.. i heard you can see princess jasmine naked if you beat it in 20 minutes… just kidding.

The variety of gameplay in this game is great, there are simple platforming stages and even stages where you fly the magic carpet. the levels are very detailed and the graphics look great in all its 16-bit glory.

As usual capcom does great job with music in their games, and aladdin on the super nintendo is no exception. you will definitely find yourself singing along with some of the most memorable tunes of the movie

Whats most important is that aladdin is a game that you can pick up and play very easily. the controls are solid and capcom always did a good job with the majority of their snes titles, and you can tell that they didn’t rush making this game. the controls respond well, the jumping mechanics are solid and this game is a treat to play.

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