8-Bit Tidbit: Tennis (NES) Review

Tennis (NES)Next up for the 8-Bit tidbit is Tennis for the NES. Today we are going to review Tennis, one of the 18 black box launch titles for the nes. This game features five levels of diffculty.. and special guest referee MARIO!

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The game first made its way to Japan in 1984 for the Famicom and then a year later for the NES The game is simple and self explantory, this is one on one tennis. You control your player with the dpad and the buttons control your tennis racket A doing a strong shot B doing a weaker shot.

The game like other launch games is basic, however, I find it very easy to miss hiting the ball. The ball when hit moves rather slow and often floats up in the air like a looney toons cartoon , which allows the computer to almost always hit the ball.

It is also very easy to hit the ball out of bounds in this game, so most of the time you will find youself not scoring.For its time, this game was not bad, it is no Wii Sports, but Tennis paved the way for it.This game is available for the virtual console, as well as in Animal crossing for the game cube and you should be able to snag an actual copy rather cheap.
Its worth a look.

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