Tiny Toon Adventures (NES) Review

I review Tiny Toon Adventures for the Nintendo Entertainment system in this review. A platformer, similar to Super Mario Bros. 3, is this game just as classic or is it just another clone? Lets take a look at it… and relieve a game that was based on a classic animated television show!

One thought on “Tiny Toon Adventures (NES) Review”

  1. Loved this game growing up! The mixture of pop culture, great characters, and the easability to get into because of the SMB3 influence brought me back weekends and weekends until I finally beat Max. Loved it so much (top 5 NES games) that I bought it as soon as I started getting my NES nostalgia back. To me, this is interchangeable with Mike T’s Punch-Out on any given day 🙂 Thanks for posting the vid!

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