Lets Check Out Destrobots for Nintendo Switch

Today we check out Destrobots for Nintendo Switch. Destrobots is an easy-to-play, hard-to-master top-down shooter that will make every party a blast. Three core actions – move, spin, and shoot – make for an explosive combination that ensures every match is fast-paced, challenging, and fun. Watch out for traps or exploit them against your opponents, be quick to hunt down power-ups that tip the scales in your favor, and forget the words “fair play.” Sharpen your reflexes so you can dance between enemy laser beams, land your shots, and grab that sweet victory!

Better Than Animal Crossing? – Summer in Mara (Nintendo Switch, PlayStat…


Today we check out Summer in Mara on Nintendo Switch. ‘Summer in Mara’ is a single-player experience in a calm, relaxing environment, with a handmade look and an exciting narrative. You will be Koa, a little adventurer girl who has to explore the world and discover the secrets that the ocean keeps. – An open ocean with over 20 islands to explore.